The ICAF ART SHOW promotes Art in various forms, Art Exchange and encourages diversity. For this year, the event kicks off at Nigeria’s vibrate city of Lagos.

The ICAF LAGOS ART SHOW invites Art Collectors, Associations, Galleries, Art enthusiasts, Media, established and the emerging Artists to a unique experience!

Features include Art Exhibitions, Conference & Art workshop


Art workshop: July 25th – 27th

Conference: July 28th @ 12.00pm

Art Exhibition: July 28th @ 1.30pm

** A special segment of the ICAF ART SHOW is the Touring Art exchange program inArtworks will travel within African hubs such Cape town & Nairobi to feature in Galleries, alternative spaces & Exhibitions for a specific timeline!!!!**

The fun-filled and adventurous event rounds up in Germany in October.

Do not miss this event!!!

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